Billions of online searches are conducted everyday. When looking for a product or service, most
people will begin their search on their laptop or mobile device. This is a huge potential customer
base for any business. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are both
methods of tapping into this pool of revenue.
Search Engine Marketing refers to marketing techniques that work by increasing a website’s
visibility on various search engines such as Google or Yahoo. It involves using meta tags and
keywords specific to your business, and ensuring that your website is mobilefriendly.
Engine Optimization is a component of SEM, however SEM can also include pay perclick
campaigns and other marketing techniques. Your website needs to be optimized in order to be
discovered: your Search Engine Marketing efforts won’t be successful if your website doesn’t
have a high ranking on search engines.
So basically, Search Engine Optimization should be the first step in your digital marketing plan.
Once you’ve got targeted keywords, clear and concise SEO content, and are utilizing analytic
tools, you will begin to generate more organic traffic from search engines. It’s now time to move
on to more advanced marketing techniques.
SEM moves beyond just increasing visibility. SEM helps you attract targeted users of search
engines using advertising (paid) links in search results.. Google Adwords is a tool that can be
used to funnel traffic to your website that will have a higher likelihood of being converted into
You can use Google Analytics to keep track of where your search traffic is coming from. You will
find that many hits come from organic searches, while others are generated from paid search
results. Combining both SEO and SEM strategies can help you to make the most of your digital
marketing campaign.