Before we tackle why it’s important to have a great dental website, it’s helpful to understand
what exactly constitutes as a great (or nonsegregated) dental website.
This largely depends on the individual dentist and his or her goals for their practice; there is no
one size fits all answer. Certainly, there are certain aspects that apply to most websites; having
a user friendly layout, clear, concise and well written content, search engine optimization, as
well as having a mobile friendly template or theme.
Another thing to consider is whether or not your website is geared towards your target audience.
What is their demographic? What do they care about? Perhaps you have a lot of older patients
currently, but would like to attract young families to your practice. Is your website reaching out to
your current patients while appealing to new ones?
If you’re goal is to generate more revenue for your practise, in short, you’re looking for visitors to
not just stop by your site, but to book an appointment. Even if you aren’t currently looking to
expand your practice, it’s a good idea to have a way for existing patients to be able to reach you
easily from your homepage.
An effective dental website should have a call to action icon somewhere visible on the
homepage. It could read something like “Book an appointment today”.
Dental educational videos are also a great addition to your dental website. They provide a
way for patients to learn about the treatments they may be receiving. This can greatly alleviate
patient anxiety by educating them on how the procedure works and what to expect during their
Images catch your visitor’s eye and can keep them on your page for longer. Your images
should be fresh, clear, and geared towards your patient base.
Content is the backbone of any website. Your content describes you and what you have to offer
while serving to inform patients about various dental procedures and treatments, as well as
providing advice on preventative care.
More patients are using online searches to find dentists than ever before. With a mobile friendly,
fully optimized dental website that includes informative content and educational videos as well
as engaging images, you will be able to tap into this huge market and maximize your practice’s