Search Engines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SEOSEO Packages

SmartWeb Dentist offer basic Search Engine Optimization as a key feature included in all of our website packages. We have variety of advanced SEO Packages which can be viewed here. These packages provide a white hat techniques to boost online marketing through email campaigns, social media marketing, and online article writing. Our goal is to work hand in hand with you to help you achieve your short and long term goals for your practice.

How does SEO work?

Search engines such as Google have algorithms that they use to rank your site. They send out “crawlers” to determine the quality of your site and how to index it. Things like content, traffic to your website, keywords all play a role in how these crawlers will index and rank your site. Search engines are constantly working to make these algorithms smarter and more efficient at predicting human behaviour ( what people are searching for, what keywords they are using and what sites provide information most relevant to those searches).

How does content affect how my website ranks on search engines?

Relevant, well written, informative content will also help to improve your website’s ranking. Content basically refers to all of the written text on your website, including articles and blog posts. High quality content causes crawlers to index your website and give it a higher ranking, as well as invites visitors to stay on your page longer and return to your site.

What are meta tags?

Meta tags refer to the description that appears below your url on search engines when people do a search relevant to your business. It is important to have a well crafted sentence or two to catch people’s attention so that they click on your website. This not only serves to bring potential clients to your website, but helps enhance the overall search engine ranking of your site.

What are keywords and why are they important ?

It’s important to be strategic about what keywords you are using in order to bring targeted traffic to your website that will result in conversions ( people not just clicking on your site, but purchasing the goods or services you are offering). Selecting the right keywords is as much an art as it is a science. At SmartWeb dentist, we carefully select the right keywords in the right amount ( trying to cram too many keywords into your site can lead to “keyword stuffing”, making your content sound clunky and actually harm your SEO). For example, if you are a family dentist in Wyoming, “family dentist Wyoming” are great keywords to bring general traffic to your site; a more unique phrase such as “holistic dentist near downtown Wyoming” incorporates specifics about your practice and the type of clientele you are trying to attract.

Why should I have a blog? Will this help my SEO?

First of all, having a blog is a great way to connect with your visitors on a more personal, heart to heart level. Its an opportunity to talk about your services and why they are important, as well as serving as a venue for you to talk about your core values as a company and/or individual. In terms of SEO, a good strategy is to focus a blog around a specific keyword or topic relevant to your business. This can serve to bring targeted traffic to your site.

How do I monitor how my website is doing in terms of SEO?

There is a variety of analytic software to track the type and quantity of visitors to your page, as well as monitor the success of the keywords you are using. Google Analytics is a great tool to review online campaigns and conversions. Smartweb Canada sends monthly reports to all of our SEO clients to let them know how their website is doing in terms of SEO.

Is it necessary to include media such as photos and videos on my website? Do images have an impact on SEO?

The trick here is to find images, plugins, videos and other media that are consistent with your business. Images can draw a viewer’s attention to your article. The key here is to have videos and images that match corresponding text. It can also help to name the file according to the keywords you are trying to promote. With images, always make sure that you are either posting originals or have paid for the image from a reputable stock photo company, to avoid any sticky copyright violations.