The business world is competitive. It’s estimated that 8 out of every 10 new business will fail within the first few years. While these rates are alarming, entrepreneurs can use these statistics as learning tools rather than a deterrent. In fact, there are many ways to utilize your website to generate revenue and create a thriving business.



  1. Be yourself

Before we get into the ins and outs of marketing and search engine optimizations, lets begin with the basics; how you are portraying yourself. If you are a small business operating with a few employees, you don’t need to try to compete with giants by portraying yourself as a big corporation. Instead, focus on what makes your company unique. Those personal touches unique to a small or family run business. Your dedication to helping other up and coming businesses thrives. In other words, be yourself, show the world that you are, and be upfront about what you can and cant do.


  1. Creating a niche


Focusing on a specific specialization or niche market is what will set you apart from the competition. By focusing on only a handful of keywords, you increase your visibility on searches relevant to your business. Which takes us to our next point:


  1. Strategizing keywords

If you have good quality content on your website that pertains to your business, you will naturally rank for keywords used within that content. Consider hiring a qualified content writer to take care of that aspect. Choosing around 5 good quality keywords relevant to the service you provide or product you sell is a great starting point towards getting your companies’ name out there.



Last but not least, selecting a great title for your business is a must. The Internet is full of memes poking fun at poorly named businesses, especially those names that could have a double or slang meaning. Your companies name is your businesses ambassador; its how your customers will search for and remember you for years to come. Creating a great online presence for your company doesn’t have to hard. It just requires some determination and strategy in terms of online marketing.